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Ft. Lauderdale Snapper Fishing Trips -Deep Dropping

When we decide to deep drop here off the coast of Ft Lauderdale aboard the Hooked Up, we like to start out with some live bait, typically small bonitos, Speedos, pinfish, tinker mackerel or blue runners.

We like to fish a 10 to 15 foot leader to get the bait away from the lead. We also like using circle hooks (Fish don’t seem to spin off them). Depending on how strong the current is, we like to send the bait down up stream from the wreck or structure, so by the time we hit bottom we are just in front of the wreck.

Once we hit bottom, the mate will reel the bait up just far enough so the fish can’t swim into the wreck and get us fouled up in it. Once we get the bite we go ahead with the boat to pull the fish away from the wreck, once again we do this so we don’t get all fouled up in the wreck.

This technique works great for Big Groupers, Amber Jacks, Mutton Snappers and even Cobias, depending on what’s around the wreck.

Snappers & Tilefish

We also do deep drops for snappers and tilefish; also known as some of the best eats you’ll ever get out of the sea!

When dropping for these tasty morsels we have 5 small hooks in a row with a lead at the bottom.

These fish can be real trip savers for us when fishing is slow or when the whole Ft Lauderdale fishing trip is based around a fish fry our anglers are planning for later.

Red Snapper