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Daytime Swordfishing Ft. Lauderdale

Daytime swordfishing in South Florida is my favorite because we troll our way out and than back for Mahi Mahis, Wahoos, Tunas and maybe even a Blue Marlin.

Once we get out to the sword fishing grounds (15 to 20 miles off shore) we rig a squid or a bonito to a long leader about 120 to 150 feet long. We also clip on a blinking light about 10 to 15 feet away from the bait.

Than we connect a 15-pound lead to the line and start our long drop to the bottom (1200 to 1700 feet down). Once we hit bottom we will reel the bait up 75 to 100 Ft.

Now here’s the funny part, when we get the bite 9 out of 10 times you’ll just see the rod twitch just a little or the line will go slack. What’s happening is the fish is swimming up because of the 15-pound lead pulling down. So at this point it’s a race with the electric reel to gain all the line as quick as you can before the fish starts pulling line out. Once the lead gets to the boat we un-clip it, and this is the true beginning of the tug-a-war game. Now we’ve got to some how get this sea monster close enough to throw a harpoon into him. But wait the fight is still not done. So once we have connected the fish to the harpoon we have a polleyball connected to the dart, so if the fish does decide to take off again the polleyball causes such drag that it tires the fish out quickly.

This kind of Ft. Lauderdale fishing is one heck of an adrenaline rush when it all comes together.

Nighttime Swordfishing Charter

Night time sword fishing aboard the Hooked Up charter boat, we like to leave the dock 2 to 3 hours before sunset so we can high speed troll our way out for Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tunas and once again maybe a Blue Marlin.

Once we are at the sword fish grounds 20 to 30 min before sun set we set out our 4 to 5 baits ranging from 75 feet down all the way to 350 feet down, all with blinking lights 5 to 10 feet away from the bait.

Another thing we like is a real bright light hanging off the boat and just about 7 or 8 feet under the water it is amazing all the little fish, turtles, squids and even BIG sword fish that will swim right up to the light.

When it comes to sword fishing I must say that this is the one type of fishing that I would not recommend to the first timers. We are fishing very far off shore and some folks might get sea sick when not being able to see the horizon and also there can be a lot of waiting involved between bites.

But when it all comes together there is nothing like coming back to the dock with a BIG SWORD that took some real team work by everyone aboard just to catch!!

Our Sword fishing trips are also a little longer 9 to 10 hours.