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WOW what a great day fishing off Fort Lauderdale Sailfish, Wahoo and much more

By November 8, 2013Fort Lauderdale Fishing

Today we fished with Julia, Colonia, Josh, Mega and Marcel from New Jersey and Connie from Ohio.

We started out trolling and today trolling WAS GREAT!! We started out catching some kingfish and bonitos bonito’s bonitos I mean one after another.

All of a sudden we got a bite on one of our deep lines and this was no bonito.

After a 10 min back and forth tug a war up popped this Wahoo and before you could say Wahoo Mike reached out with his gaff and BAM he was in the box.

Ok now that we had a box full of fish we brought in the trolling gear and set out our kites with live baits suspended from them.

We were hoping to get lucky and maybe catch a sailfish.

NOPE not today we were just too lucky to catch (A) sailfish so we just went ahead and caught 2 sails.

WOW what an exciting day of deep-sea fishing off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

Thanks again to our anglers today it was a BLAS!!

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Happy 2024!!


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