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Unreal Start to new year a must read!! Sailfish, Shark and Blue Marlin

By January 2, 2014Fort Lauderdale Fishing


Holly Cow what a way to break in the New Year!!!

It all started out at about 7:30 am this morning when my son Lou told me that he was having a problem with the started aboard the Hooked Up 2 and asked if I could come over to his dock and pick up his charter and get them out fishing?

Seemed easy enough so off we went with Lou’s charter John and his son Conner from South Carolina out for a little 5 -hour fishing trip off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

We started out fishing in 350 of water with 2 kites in the air and some live and dead bait suspended from the kites.

When all of a sudden here comes this hammerhead shark and just like that we were HOOKED UP!!

After a good 30 min back and forth tug a war we got this 93-inch hammerhead shark to the boat. WOW what a great way not only to start out the New Year but what a great way to start out our fishing trip!!!

Ok after some high fiving and some hand shaking back to fishing we go.

We set our kites right back out there and you’ll never believe this but with in 5 min BAM a sail fish popped up and back to fighting fish we went.

After a good 20 min fight we had this 92-inch sailfish to the boat. WOW and double WOW!!

Once again after some celebrating we went to put our baits right back out but all the other charter boats ran up to where we were fishing and we were all right on top of each other #%@&*$

To hell with them we decided to just run off shore and do some trolling for some Mahi Mahi.

Once we got out in the deep blue of the Gulf Stream our mate Andrew set out the baits.

I swear this is the truth not even 5 min into trolling Andrew asked me what that big black thing was behind the left long bait?

I could not believe what I was looking at? BLUE MARLIN I screamed out but he was right behind a bait that was on a small 30 international reel and the last thing we wanted was to have to fight this monster on such a small rod.

Andrew kept reeling the bait in closer and closer to the boat where we had a big blue marlin lure on a big 80 international reel.

Finally he lured the fish right behind the boat and right next to the bait we wanted him to eat.

BUT this fish wanted the bait he came up on and before we knew it we were Hooked Up to a blue marlin on this small reel. RATS!!!

Now the fight was on and when I say this was a back and forth battle it was more of  him taking line and us gaining very little.

Long story short here 2 and half-hours later we finally got this 113 inch blue marlin to the boat.

(Sorry no pictures of the blue marlin)

O MY GOD what an unbelievable fishing trip John and Connor you guys might as well hang up your fishing poles because this will never happen again.

Thanks SOOOO much guys this was a fishing trip I will always remember.

Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free @ (877) SEA-4344