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Truth Being Told

Today we spent the morning fishing with Ryan his wife Magda and their son Shad from Ohio.

They had come to Fort Lauderdale for the big Shark concert here on Fort Lauderdale beach.

We started out trying to catch Shad a big fish by kite fishing with 4 live baits suspended from the kites.

And while we did get a shot and had a sailfish on for a few seconds the fish came up jumping and (RATS) he got away.

Now we were feeling like we had a shot BUT after waiting and waiting our next shot never came.

So we went to plan B and tried to catch them some fish for dinn er and while the bottom bite was slow we did end up with some great eating snappers.

Guys so sorry fishing was slow today but all the same we had a good time and I’m sure dinner was great.

Yep truth being told we don’t always get the big one BUT rest assure we will always do our best to catch you fish.

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