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Tons of FUN and a Tiger Shark off the coast of Fort Lauderdale

By August 15, 2013Fort Lauderdale Fishing

Today we had a ball fishing with Bill and Angee along with their son Luke and 2 daughters Claire and Sydney all from Michigan.

This started out being a 3-quarter day trip but the fish were biting and everyone was having a ball so we stayed all day and caught a ton of bonitos and kingfish.

Later in the day we switched to live bait fishing along with a couple shark baits set down deep.

All at once our deep bait that we were using a balloon as a bobber went down and BAM we were Hooked Up. After just a few min up popped this shark and at first we had no idea what kind of shark it was BUT just as we identified it to be a tiger shark it spit the hook @%#^&*

Than just as fast as it spit the hook we got a bite on one of our shark baits that was on the surface. As we were reeling it toward the boat we seen it was the same shark and once again he spit the hook @$$#@%$ and double #%#%&

Than once again we saw him looking for more bait! This shark wanted more than enough and by god we were going to give it to him.

Finally on the 3rd shot he stayed Hooked and we slid him in through the tuna door for a quick measurement and a few pictures and slid him right back out to fight again another day.

(Bill the pictures we are waiting!!)

This tiger shark was 64 inches not a monster but a real cool looking shark with all his strips and this huge mouth not to mention some cool looking teeth.

After some high fiving and hand shaking we went back to fishing. Now fishing had slowed down a bit so we decided to move out to deeper water.

As we set up in 350 feet of water BAM again we got Hooked Up and this shark turned out to be a big silky shark.

Bill, Angee and the rest of the gang thanks so much you guys were truly a ball to fish with.

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