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Trolling has been a little slow the last couple of days so we started off kite fishing and bottom fishing. After a short amount of time bottom fishing, tile fish started biting and Matthew, Callum, Rocho and EJ caught 15 Blueline Tile Fish. The Hooked Up II and Hooked Up III had good morning trips as well, catching more Tile Fish, Vermilion Snapper and Spanish Mackerel.

The afternoon proved more of the same. Danny and his 2 boat Bachelor Party got in on some of the red hot bottom fishing, catching more Tile Fish, Vermilion Snapper and Almaco Jacks. On the Hooked Up III,  Taco and Brett caught a 200lb Golden Hammerhead Shark! Ramiz, Pani, and Zaya from Assyria and J.R. from DR all helped catch this giant!

Congratulations everybody on another great day of fishing aboard the Hooked Up Fishing Fleet!

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