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This is a must read fishing off Fort Lauderdale

This is a must read fishing story with one happy ending.

We set out fishing with Brendan from P.A., Corey from Lake Meyers and Samantha from parts unreadable. (LOL)

We went right to kite fishing and fishing was good.

We had caught a big barracuda than soon after we hooked into a hammerhead shark. After a good 30 min battle we got the hammerhead next to the boat and we were able to get 2 hooks out of the shark before watching him swim away in good shape.

After a bit more fishing we caught another barracuda.

At this point we still had a little time left on this trip so we just stayed there with a couple live baits suspended from the kites and shark bait down about 100 feet while using a balloon as a bobber.

All of a sudden the balloon popped and line started screaming off the reel.

At this point we still had a good 35 to 45 min left in the trip before heading back to the dock. We knew that we could catch this fish kind of fast due to the fact that we had hooked him on such a big rod and reel but we really did not have enough time to bring in all the kites and shark baits and than switch back to trolling. After 15 to 20 min to get this shark to the boat and switching over we would only have about 5 or 10 min of trolling so we kind of took our time with this fish (Shark we thought).

So the drag was backed off a little and every one was having a ball fighting another shark once again we thought.

All of a sudden Captain Greg and Captain Paul got a quick glance at the fish down deep and they both noticed that this fish had strips and all of a sudden things changed real quick.

But now that everyone was trying hard to get this mystery fish to the boat the fish had other ideas. Just like a missile this fish ran out a bunch of line and the much more intense battle was on.

Finally after what seemed forever Paul reach way out with his gaff and got this 75 that’s right 75 pound Ono (AKA Wahoo) in the boat.

This fish ate a bonito slab that had 1 circle hook in it and the whole thing was down the hatch. WOW after all these years fishing I’ve never head of an Ono eating a big chunk of bait just drifting in the current.

Nice going to our anglers and for us fisherman let this be a lesson you just never know for sure what’s on the other end of the line.

Captain Taco (954) 764-434 or toll free @ (877) SEA-4344