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Fishing springtime off Ft Lauderdale aboard Hooked Up


It has been a blast fishing Ft Lauderdale this spring while the Mahi have not shown up in the numbers we were expecting the Wahoo Black fin Tunas and the bottom fish have came through with happy anglers at the end of the day.

It is probably the best year I’ve seen for tunas and Wahoo


The Sargasso weed has been a real problem the last few years and while yes it’s around not as bad as the past witch sure helps up fishing.


The bottom fishing has been exceptionally good as well as long as we have a little north current. Catching some real nice 12-to 18 pounder genuine red snappers along with some yellow eye snappers and lots of vermilion snappers.


We were catching a few real nice 20-pound black groupers till season opened and BAM they stop biting for us. Someone told them season was open &*#$%^ LOL


We have had a good sailfish bite seems like the later afternoon has been best. That’s tough for me to say because I’m a fisherman and its just a habit to say early bird gets the worm BUT do not rule out late afternoon fishing here off Ft Lauderdale.


The good new is the Mahi and just now starting to show up. And I’m talking 12 to 25 pounders along with a 30 to 35 pounder here and there. We are looking forward to the June bite!!


Thanks again to all of our anglers that fished with us this spring and looking forward to fishing again soon.

Capt Taco 954-608-7000


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