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Slow Fishing BUT we still managed to land a couple BIG ONES!!

Today we started out fishing with Michael, Pete, Greg, Glenn and Tommy all from Houston Texas.

Truth being told here fishing was slow and while we did mange to catch a bonito trolling that was all we managed to get while trolling.

Ok so it was time for plane B so in came the trolling gear and out went the kites with live baits suspended from the kites.

Kite fishing was also slow but we did mange to catch a monster and I do mean a monster sickle fin hammerhead shark.

If you’re not going to catch a lot might as well catch a big one.

Now that’s a big shark!!!

As we pulled back to the dock we had Emma, Dayan, and Ben from Canada along with Flo from Austria and André from Germany eager to give their luck a shot at some deep-sea fishing.

Once again we started out trolling the reef BUT once again trolling was dead slow so once again back to kite fishing.

After quite a bit of waiting finally a sailfish popped up on our right long kite bait and BAM we were Hooked Up.

After a good 15 min battle we finally got this nice sailfish to the side of the boat.

We got a few pictures and watched him swim away in great shape.

Once again if you’re not going to catch a lot than catch a nice one.

Thanks to all of our anglers for hanging in there today with fishing being so slow.

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