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Fort Lauderdale Sail Fish the bite is onThe last couple days we’ve been trolling the reef with a couple baits on our planners running about 45 feet down along with a couple baits skipping across the surface

Usually this method helps us get fish in the fish box and get the skunk out of the box however trolling has been a bit slow while yes we are catching a few kingfish and some small black fin tunas But we’re not getting 10 to 15 fish in the box during our first hour of fishing witch is what we try to do.

HOWEVER the sailfish are starting to show up off the coast of ft Lauderdale.

We like to target these sailfish by flying our kites and suspending live bait from the kites and when the fish shows up we lock down the reel the line gets tight and the line pops off the kite and the fight is on.



And that’s exactly what happen for Jeff from Miami on the 5thand for Richard from Dania Florida on the 6th.

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