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Fishing Fort Lauderdale aboard Hooked Up 3


Today I used an old friend TZ to run the boat while I was mate on a fishing trip and it has been over 20 years since we had fished together BUT we still had it together like we had never missed a beat.

We set out fishing with a regular costumer Rick from Baltimore Maryland along with his 10-year-old son Rick and his cousin Andy.

They say that fishing is hours of boredom interrupted by moments of panic and chaos.

Well while their may be a bit of truth to that but throw in a couple young boys eager to catch fish and now you’ve got your work cut out for you.

That’s exactly what we were up against.

We tried trolling the reef no bites went off shore no bites and on the radio we knew none of the others guys were getting any bites ether.

What to do? Well Captain TZ decided to swing for hitting it out of the park.

So in came the trolling gear and out went the kites with live bait suspended from them.

Ok the trap was set but the boys started getting restless and asking how much time was left and playing on their phones I knew we needed some luck and fast.

Than all of a sudden there she was a sailfish and we were Hooked Up.

It took Richard about a half of a second to grab the rod and the fight was on.

About 10 min into the fight Rick was thinking since fishing was slow that Richard should give his cousin a shot at fighting this fish for a while??

Richard looked up at his dad and I quote (No Way Dad) this ones all on me!!

Well finally Richard got his fish to the boat and after a couple quick photos we sent the fish back into the sea to fight again another day.

It’s not what you catch it’s when you catch kit and I’d like to thank the fish gods for this one (LOL)

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