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Today we went fishing with David and Vanessa from West Palm Beach.

There down in Fort Lauderdale celebrating David’s B Day and fishing was part of their planes.

Now as it turns out David is an avid fisherman and spends time in the Florida Keys fishing for tarpon with a fly rod but today he had a couple other fish he wanted off his bucket list.

He was hoping to catch a black fin tuna a Mahia Mahia and if possible a sailfish.

Well this was a tall order to fill I told him but we would do our best but I guaranteed a good time.


But as we set off looking for a black fin ob a Mahia Mahia off shore thing started l;ooking pretty bad with the winds cranking at about 18 knots and to make matters  worse the rain came and I mean it came down hard.

It was looking like I was going to have a hard time just that guarantee about the good time@%@%^*

But we stuck it out trolling with 2 baits down deep and 3 baits skipping across the surface.

Than all of a sudden bite on one of our deep lines and BAM 1 small black fin tuna in the box.

A few minutes later another small tuna followed but a skip jack tuna than another.

Ok the rain stopped and things were looking up when we got another bite on one of the deep lines BUT this time a Wahoo heck yea was not on the order but heck high 5s for every one.

Ok now the rain was gone and we thought we would set out a couple kites with live bait suspended from them and that’s when thing really started hopping.

A Mahi Mahi and we were Hooked Up after a 5 min back and forth tug a war fish in box!!!

Yep we got what they ordered but wait we were still fishing and here comes another Mahia and yep  another they were biting and we were having a ball.

Then out of nowhere popped up a sailfish and yep the fight was on.

20 min later David had this 6 foot sailfish to the boat.

We got a few pictures with the sail still in the water then we released this beautiful fish to fight again another day.

David and Vanessa thanks SOOO much had a ball fishing with you and I’m sure we will be fishing again soon.

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