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Paul catches first Hammerhead shark off Fort Lauderdale

Today we had one of our regulars Greg along with his close friends Anthony and Heather all from West By God Virginia but now living in South Florida. We also had Mitchell and her son Paul from West Chester New York.

We started out trolling and while trolling was not red hot we did manage to catch every one some bonitos.

Ok now it was time to try for a big one so once again in came the trolling gear and out went the shark baits along with a live bait set way back.

Ok the trap was set and the wait was on. We waited and waited and yep waited than all of a sudden out of nowhere up popped this hammerhead shark right behind the boat. This was real good because every one had been waiting and waiting so now they would get the chance to see how all this waiting paid off.

BUT this wait was not over because we could not get this shark to eat anything. Captain Paul threw every thing we had out in front of the shark and he just would not hit anything.

After 10 or 15 min of this we were getting frustrated and after a while he just swam away. (So we thought) All of a sudden my high line with the live bait witch we had way back behind all the others baits got hit.

We put Paul in the chair and the fight was on. At first I was not sure what it was but within seconds we seen the dorsal fin and we all knew we had that finicky hammerhead on.

The only problem was we had him on 30-pound test line with a very light leader.

Paul slowly but surely worked him to the boat.

While this hammerhead was not a monster it was one hell of a fight on 30-pound line.

Nice going Paul and we are looking forward to fishing again next week.

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