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Old Bull Smokes Your Bull again off the coast of Fort Lauderdale

Today was a very interesting trip with Nick the Greek and his sons Anthony and Ari not to mention his daughter Katarina.

Now there was a couple reasons that made this fishing trip so interesting first and foremost on our other boat the Hooked Up 2 we had Lou and his good friend and their kids and it just so happens that Lou is Nick’s twin brother. And secondly these people do NOT YELL they just talk loud!!! (LMAS) Now I do not know if this is a Greek thing or if all twin brother’s thing but these guys are VERY competitive with each other. So we’ve got that going for us and throw in the fact that I am running one boat and my son Luis is running the Hooked Up 2.

Take all this into consideration and you have the making for 2 things. 1 Some real hard fishing and 2 there is going to be 1 happy boat and there is going to be 1 not so happy boat!!

Ok the young Bull (Luis) went right for catching little fish so the kids would have a good time and then he was going after the big one while the old bull (Me) we right for the BIG ONE.

We started out trolling and Ari put us up on the board first with a 41inch barracuda.

But at this point the kids on the other boat were tired of catching little fish and Luis had lost some precious time fishing for them.

But all the same I knew they were on their way off shore to try for bigger game now and we could lose first place in a matter of seconds.

Si I decided to go for a hail marry and go BIG or bust.

We set out the shark baits!!!!

Mean while the other boat was trying deep drops and while they were getting bites they kept pulling the hooks. We were hanging on but I knew any second now things were going to change. And change they did when all of a sudden one of the shark rods bent over line started screaming off the reel Anthony jumped in the chair and it was GAME TIME.

At first Anthony was having a tough time holding on to the rod and fighting the fist but our mate Clint (Witch by the way was the first time he had ever fished with me) calmed him down and taught him the proper way to fight a fish.

And just like that we had a very good angler in the chair and we slowly but surely started gaining line. 45 min later up popped this 7 foot plus hammerhead shark.

Clint and Anthony GREAT JOB and I am not yelling at you I just talk loud!! (LOL)

At the end of our trip I’ll just say we were the happier of the 2 boats. Sorry young bull.

Lou and Nick my New Greek friend’s thanks soooo much and we are looking forward to next year.

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