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Bonito mania deep sea fishing Fort Lauderdale


WOW what a blast deep sea fishing today with none stop action.

We had a shared charter today with Broderick and his daughter Gabrielle from Detroit Michigan along with Aaron and his friend Kevin both from Iowa


We started out trolling and with less than a minute of having the baits in the water we were Hooked Up.

And yep that’s how our day started and it was one or 2 or even 3 bonitos on at the same time. Some how a couple kingfish got in there and grabbed our baits but the bonitos were none stop.

Ok everyone caught more than enough so we figured lets shoot for the bleachers!

So in came our trolling gear and out went 2 shark baits. (What did we use for shark baits you ask? Well how about bonitos seemed to us that’s what they might be eating.)


Honestly we had very little current so I figured the smell of our baits were not getting out there very good and chances of attracting a shark were slim.


Well I was wrong all at once I seen out balloon go down like a lead ball the rod bent over and line was peeling off the reel and YEP we were HOOKED UP.

Aaron jumped on the rod and the fight was on.


After a good 20 min fight up popped this 8-foot plus silky shark!!!

Wow we never expected a shark this big and yep Aaron was jumping up and down.

Its nice to see someone so excited over a big catch like this!

I guess they don’t make them like this in Iowa??)

Thanks again to all of our anglers today you guys were all first class and a ball to spend the day out on the water with.


Captain Taco (954) 764-4344