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Mahia Mahia and Sailfish biting off Fort Lauderdale

By November 11, 2013Fort Lauderdale Fishing

Today we fished with Paul, Hal and Kito from Connecticut.

We started out picking up some live baits from the bait boat on our way out and once we got to 150 feet of water we set out both kites with 4 live baits suspended from them.

Once the trap was set it was not long till our first bite. We hooked into a Mahia Mahia and soon after the first one the second Mahia popped up.

Fishing really started out good and we were catching Mahia one after another when all of a sudden a big sailfish popped up and BAM the BIG fight was on.

After a good 20 min back and forth battle we finally got this BIG 89 inch sailfish to the boat!

WOW what a great morning of fishing we ended up with 10 Mahia Mahia and one monster sailfish.

Thanks again to our anglers from Conn.

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