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Mahi Mahi starting to show up off Fort Lauderdale

By August 20, 2014October 23rd, 2014Uncategorized

Well we just got back from a 10-day fishing trip in the Bahamas. Witch by the way was too short of a trip we had a ball and caught a lot of Mahi Mahi, a white marlin and a small blue marlin not to mention a bunch of bottom fish.

Now back home in Fort Lauderdale we started out fishing with Mike, Mathew, Tim, Jamey and Bill.

We started out trolling on the reef and caught a few bonitos, a bar jack and 1 big barracuda.

Ok time for plane B so we headed off shore looking for some great eating Mahi Mahi.

After trolling around for quite some time finally we found a bucket floating off shore and sure enough it was holding some Mahi Mahi.

We ended up with a half dozen mahi and a boatload of laughs and good times.

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