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Mahi, Mackerel, tunas,snapper and more aboard hooked Up

By September 11, 2013Fort Lauderdale Fishing

What a ball fishing today with Karen, Doug and Robert.

We started out trolling the reef and catching a black fin tuna, 2 Spanish mackerels and a couple big blue runners.

Ok time to try for a big one so in came the trolling gear and out went the kites with live bait suspended from them.

Ok while we never did get the big one kite fishing we did catch a couple Mahi Mahi along with a couple barracudas and for the first time a yellow tail snapper out of the kite.

That’s right a snapper a bottom fish came up and ate a surface bait.

Just when I think I got this fishing thing figured out something like this happens and I know that you just never know what’s going to happen while deep-sea fishing off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

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