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July fishing off the coast of fort Lauderdale had it’s ups and it’s downs butt all in all it was a good month for catching.


We had a real hard time fishing due to all the sea weed in the ocean. This was one of the toughest months we have had in a long time trying to fish and trying our best to keep the seaweed off our baits.

But at the end of the month looking back while yep the seaweed was a real pain the fishing was actually pretty good.

The tunas were biting well all month along with a few Wahoo’s.


One new thing we tried just to get around the sea weed was anchoring up in front of a ship wreck and WOW it paid off for us with some great bottom fishing along with a couple of sailfish.


Also found a Cuban raft floating! Coast Guard had marked it so they must have gotten everyone off?

So the sea weed actually helped and made us think out side of the box and went back to basics and fished like we did way back when.


Thanks to all of our anglers for fishing with us aboard the Hooked up in July and by the looks of some great reviews we got this month our anglers had a great time fishing with us.

Captain Taco