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Fishing with water taxi Bob

WOW what a blast fishing today with the one the only Water TAXIE BOB and his daughter Kelly along with her husband Fred Kelly’s mom Pauline and their son Armand who was our angler for the day.

It was one of those days where everything we tried seemed to produce fish.


We started out trolling in 300 to 400 feet of water with 3 small baits skipping across the surface a 2 lines running deep.

Our deep lines were doing good catching bonitos one after another but our good eating fish came from our surface baits with a couple nice black fin tunas.


We also had one of our surface baits got hit and it was like an explosion on the water and BAM just like that we were connected.

After a 10 min fight while it was a big fish it just was not what we were expecting it turned out to be this 50-inch barracuda.

Nice fish all the same but truth being told we were hopping for a Wahoo.


Ok plan B we brought in the trolling gear and we started fishing the bottom near a shipwreck.

While fishing the bottom we also set out one of our bonitos on a shark leader.

All of a sudden not 20 feet from that back of the boat I see this big brown shark with a very pointy nose came jumping out of the water.

Now most sharks don’t jump and I knew this was not a mako because I seen clear as heck this shark was for sure brown not purple like a mako and I also seen it had a very pointy snout.

So I was thinking maybe just maybe it might be a little white shark but ether way this shark was on top and our bait was on the bottom.


But our mate Mark was on it and he had this bait to the surface in 20 seconds and off came the lead and he just free lined his bait back behind the boat.

All of a sudden Mark looks over his shoulder and tells me that something was eating his bait.


Well as you can imagine we were all on pins and needles when BAM Mark locked up the reel and we were Hooked Up.

Line started peeling off the reel and Armand wasted no time jumping in the chair.


The fight was on and Armand would gain some line than the shark would take some line back and forth it went for about 25 min.

We were being so carful thinking we might have a little white shark on the other end of the line.

Finally we got the shark next to the boat while yep good fight and yep nice shark BUT nope not a white a Caribbean sharp noise (RATS)

BUT WAIT we still had a little time left to fish so back to bottom fishing we went.

When all of a sudden rod bent over and we were connected with something way bigger than the snappers we were hopping to catch.

Well when this fish popped up Mark and I could not believe what we were looking at it was a grouper BUT not just a grouper this was a kitty Mitchell grouper and I’ve never seen one over 4 to 6 pounds and we really took a long  look and this fish again and again but yep with out a doubt Kitty Mitchell grouper pushing 30 pounds.

WOW what a great morning of fishing.

Thanks again Bob for bring the family out fishing with us off the coast of Fort Lauderdale aboard the Hooked Up.


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