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WOW what a great fun day of CATCHING off the coast of Fort Lauderdale aboard Taco’s Hooked Up Sport Fishing


Today we took a family from Malcolm Nebraska out on a 6-hour fishing trip or should I say a 6 hour catching trip.


We had mom and dad Lacey and David along with their 3 kids Halie, Dawson and last but not least Carson who was a B—Ass and hung in there reeling in fish even tho he was not feeling reel good!!!


While the seas may have been a bit on the choppy side everyone hung in there and it paid off.

We ended up with a 6 foot hammer head shark a 10 plus foot great gray hammer head shark a red grouper with unfortunately we had to throw back due to out of season 2 nice king fish and little Carson caught this 7 foot sailfish

fishing ft lauderdale

Way to go guys it was a blast having you guys aboard and looking forward to our next Deep Sea fishing trip aboard the Hooked up off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

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