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A great day Deep Sea Fishing Fort Lauderdale


Our day started out with Rob and his wife Heather that had a couple of their best friends in town from Athens Georgia Josh and Maryland.

We started out tying up to the mooring buoys set out in 20 feet of water off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

We throw our chum bag over and it was a matter of minutes till the ballyhoos showed up.

Everyone was having a ball catching live baits and Heather hit a home run with a couple great eating yellow tail; snapper.

Our mate Marc threw the cast net on them as well just to make sure we had plenty of live bait.

(We ended up with more than enough)

Ok plane A went perfectly and now it was time for plane B trolling.

And just as we expected the bonitas once again were biting like mad dogs and just like that fish were coming into the boat one after another


As a matter of fact a couple of our anglers tapped out@$#%&*$ Yep they went inside in the ice cold AC and were not seen again for quite some time.

(Can’t say that I blamed them it was hot out but inside the boat ice cold)

While we were catching the bonitas we did manage to catch a couple kingfish as well.


As we pulled back to the dock we had our afternoon trip ready and eager to give their luck a shot at some (Deep Sea Fishing off Ft Lauderdale)


Our # 1 angler was 11 year old Max from Miami along with his dad Diego his ant Tabitha and his great aunt Amy also from Miami Florida.

Ok we had a well full of live bait that we had caught in the morning trip and we knew the bonitas were biting so this was a no brainer lets go right back to trolling and get a bunch of fish in the box and than we could shoot for the bleachers and see if maybe we could catch a sail fish or a nice tuna with these live baits.

And yep just as expected the bonitas were still biting like mad dogs so after catching I’m not sure how many but I do know at the end of the day after both trips we had 23 in the box.

Ok it was time to for the big one so we decided to put our live ballyhoos out in 420 feet of water next to a nice weed line and fish the bottom at the same time to double up the odds of catching fish.

Once the live baits were out and the bottom rod hit the bottom out of nowhere here the came Mahi Mahi and they were hungry. We just were not thinking about Mahi and we got caught off guard BUT not to worry Marc got into Mahi mood in 2 seconds and BAM Max was connected!!

Now I’ll tell you the tough part about fishing try to tell a 11 year old kid that has his fish next to the boat NOT TO BRING HIM INTO THE BOAT!!!

At first I’m sure he thought we were nuts but he soon caught on we were trying to keep the school around the boat!!!

We ended up with 6 Mahi and 12,000 bonitas (LOL)

Thanks again to all of our anglers today it was a blast deep sea fishing today.

Captain Taco (954) 764-4344