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Today we had Ed, Toney and Jim all from the west coast of Florida.

While they all do quite a bit of fishing on the west coast they wanted to try a little deep-sea fishing off the coast of Fort Lauderdale aboard the Hooked Up.


We started out trolling with a couple lines running deep and a few baits skipping across the surface.


Trolling paid off with a few nice black fin tunas and a few bonitos and one kingfish.


Than we switched from trolling to bottom fishing in about 225 feet of water along with a couple live baits on the surface to increase our odds.


We did have a few short bites on the bottom BUT than all of a sudden the bite we were looking for.

Toney wasted no time grabbing the rod and the fight was on.

Thank god Toney was a very good angler because we had a big fish on with very light tackle.

This was a good 15 min back and forth tug a war and I’ve got to say that 9 out of 10 times I can tell you what kind of fish we have on BUT this time I was dead wrong!!

I was sure this was a big amber jack but when we looked down deep and seen color coming up we noticed this fish was white and very shiny????


We had no idea however once we seen what it was the whole boat got excited and we were on Toney ok Toney don’t let this one get away!!!

Toney did a great job and landed a 35-pound African pompano.

WOW nice catch Toney and thanks to Ed and Jim for fishing with us aboard Hooked Up and we are looking forward to our next fishing trip together soon.


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