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This morning we started out our day fishing with Justin, David, Ronald, Tracy and last but not least Devrie.We started out trolling the reef looking for some good eating fish.

While trolling the reef was not red hot for us today we did manage to put a few kingfish and bonitos in the box.

Ok. Now it was. Time for plain B.

So we brought in our trolling gear and stated trolling around these little jigs and and we caught. Some small bonitos.

Than we hooked these small live bonitos up and started trolling them around.

Truth being told it did take a long time to get a BIG bite but all of a sudden BAM we were Hooked Up and Devrie wasted no time jumping in the chair.

After a good 15 min of a back and forth tug a war finally Devrie got this 30 pound plus greater Amber jack to the boat.

While these big amber jacks may not be the best eating fish around they are pound for pound one of the best fighting bottom fish around!

Nice going Devrie!

Captain Taco (954)764-4344.