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Today started out with 4 to 5 foot seas and slows fishing BUT some how by the grace of good thing took a big turn for the better.

We had some of the unthought-of heroes (Truck Drivers) and when you think about it with out them we would have no food, medicine, appliances ECT so yea these guys are heroes in their on right.

We had Albert who brought along his 3 sons Ripton, Omar and Owen along with close friends of the family Sean and Normun.


Eating fish was the target today so we headed right off shore looking for some Mahi Mahi but only catching a couple small black fin tunas.


Ok time for plane B so we headed in to fish some of our local wrecks but it just was not panning out for us so we were just going to make a move to another wreck when here came this gift from god a school of Mahi and the chaos began.

Fish in the water all around the boat lines get tangled with each other BUT fish were hitting the deck and man was it a ball.


Soon the school of Mahi left and we were just about to do the same when BAM here they came again only by now everyone was getting the hang of it and fish were now coming into the boat one after another.


We finally did find some nice almaco jacks on the bottom and the box looked real good at this point with more than enough eating fish for everyone and some extra for the freezer.

Thanks again Albert had a ball fishing with you and your family next time we will order a little calmer seas. (LOL)

Captain Taco