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Fishing with the folks from Mix Telematicf

By November 7, 2013Fort Lauderdale Fishing

This morning we started out fishing with Sylvia, Yank and Gilles from Canada.

We went right to trolling with a couple lines set down deep and 3 baits skipping across the surface.

Today trolling was good with everyone catching fish. We caught a few kingfish, a bunch of bonitos and Sylvia ended up with a great catch when he reeled in a big Wahoo.

Thanks again to our new friends from Canada.

As we got back to the dock we got ready for this 2 boat-fishing trip with the Mix Telemematicf and their client/friends from Texas.

We had aboard the Hooked up Jeff, Shawn, Brad, Stan and Adam. (If I got names wrong sorry could not read writing) Might have been the beer?

All the same this little fishing trip turned into a serious competition between the 2 boats Hooked Up and Hooked Up 2.

And today fishing was good!!

Both boats started out catching a few Mahi Mahi but Hooked Up came on strong with a small sailfish. But than the Hooked Up 2 caught up quick with a double-header sailfish. Than Hooked up came back with a big 80-inch sailfish caught by Stan.

WOW what a great afternoon of fishing for both boats.

Looking back on the trip while our anglers hooked and caught a lot of fish the Hooked Up team made out the best because I think we got 10 more people Hooked on fishing!!

Thanks again to all of our anglers today it was a blast and we are looking forward to fishing together again soon.

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