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Fishing with Ken, Ryan, Sam and Joey/ Catching Nice Kings and a BIG SHARK

Today we set out fishing with Ken his son Ryan along with Sam and Joey all from South Florida.

We started out trolling the reef with 2 planner boards running about 45 feet down along with 3 baits skipping across the surface.

As it turned out it was the 2 deep lines that paid off with all nice kingfish coming over the covering board rangeing ffrom abot 9 to 14 pounders.

Ok now that the skunk was out of the box it was time to try for the big monster fish.

So in came the trolling gear and out went the BIG shark baits.

Ok now the trap was set and the wait was on!!

All of a sudden it was one of the deep lines with a shark bait on the other end bent over and line started peeling off as if there was a fright train on the other end.

Ryam waisted no time jumping in the chair and the fight was on.!! At first it was all Ryan could do but to hold on to the rod but as time went by the shark started to tire out and slowly but surly Ryan started to gain line.

After a good 25 to 35 min battle Ryan got this big shark to the boat!!

Way to go Ryan. Ken thanks again for taking the guys out fishing with us aboard the Hooked Up off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

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