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Captain Taco and Darin started off the day with a 6 hour Bachelor Party for Mike.  They started off trolling and caught a few Bonitas. The guys wanted to try for a big game fish so they went to 400 ft of water to try Shark fishing and bottom fishing. After about 45 minutes and a bunch of Tile fish, their Shark bait got bit! They knew it was a big one by how much line it took out and how fast it ran. After fighting the fish for about an hour they finally saw what it was, a Big Eye Thresher Shark over 12 feet long!


In the afternoon they took out John and his family from Chicago. Started off the afternoon trolling and caught a few Bonitas and a Blackfin Tuna. They too wanted to catch something big so we went back to 400 feet to see if we could get lucky twice. Darin put out all the shark baits and before he could get the Tile Fish rod in the water, they got a bite. They fought the fish for about an hour as well and to their surprise, it was another Big Eye Thresher Shark! This was the first time that the crew had caught two giant Thresher Sharks in one day. Congratulations to all anglers and crew on a once in a lifetime kind of day aboard the Hooked Up 3.

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