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Today we had Andrew and a few of his co-workers on a 6 hour charter morning trip. We started the morning trolling which produced a few nice size Blackfin Tuna in the five pound range as well as some nice size Bonitas. After trolling we set up to do some kite fishing with live goggle eyes. It didn’t take too much time before Andrew found him self in a battle with a big sailfish that was jumping all over the ocean trying to throw the hook. After about 45 minutes we finally caught and safely released the sailfish which ended up measuring 6 feet long. Congratulations guys on a great trip!!

Our afternoon trip was with Bert and his family. They also wanted to mix up the afternoon up with some kite fishing as well as trolling. We started off kite fishing with hopes of catching another big sailfish. After a little over an hour with no luck we switched to trolling, and what a good decision it was. The rest of the after noon produced 7 nice Blackfin Tunas and 2 big bonitas. Thank you for spending the afternoon with us and we hope you enjoy your fresh fish dinner!!