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We will beat corona virus!!

We are Americans and we are survivors!!

Special promotion due to Corona Virus


I feel that by June 1st 2020 we will be sailing again in full swing.

So this is why I am offering a special promotion:

If you book boat before May 1, 2020

4 hours 8 till noon or 1 till 5 $500 savings $150

6 hours Departing 7am or 12:00 $725 saving $175

8 hours Departing 7 or 8 am $1000 savings $200

To take advantage of these savings you must call or text me direct Captain Taco at (954) 608-7000 To make your reservations.

I will ask for a name a good contact phone # and a credit card # with EXP date to hold boat in good faith.

WE DO NOT RUN THE CARD till the day of the trip so if you are paying with a card please bring it with you on the day of your fishing trip so we can swipe it through our machine.

In the event we are not through this Corona virus by date of trip no cost to you!

In the event we have bad weather no cost to you!

In the event you have to cancel for any other reason 72 hours before date of your reservation NO COST TO YOU!!

You may reschedule trip with this promotion up till October 1, 2020

No money out of pocket till day of trip.

Captain Taco: 954-608-7000