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Fishing in the Bahamas for 10 days and loving every min of it!!

By August 1, 2013Fort Lauderdale Fishing

Sorry we have fallen a little behind on our fishing reports BUT we’ve been fishing off the coast of Bimini in the Bahamas from July 28 till the 3rd of Aug.

Every year we get chartered by a battery company called East Penn and we fish with some of their top clients from all over the world.

This year turned out to be one of our best trips over there and while their were just too many people to mention since every day we had a new group aboard I’m just going to let the pictures tell the story for me.

But I will mention that we did have the honor of fishing with T.V. celebrity Roland Martin along with some of the nicest people from America, Canada and Mexico.

Once again I want to thank all the guys and gals from East Penn and their clients for letting us both the Hooked Up and the Hooked Up 2 for be a part of this great fishing trip.

Captain Pauk and Roland Martin holding a White Marlin

Roland Martin and Captain Taco Smoker Kingfish

Enjoying some Wahoo Sushi after a great day of fishing!!

Now Thats a nice Amber Jack!!

This Wahoo turned into dinner soon after this photo!!!

While over there between the Hooked Up Hooked Up 2, Thomas Flyer, Wild Life, Sea Hawk and both Sharkys boats we did manage to catch 1000,000 snappers, 1,000,000 Barracudas a bunch of sharks, Amber Jacks, A nice Wahoo (Caught aboard Hooked Up) A sailfish, White Marlin A blue Marlin just to mention a few.

Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free @ (877) SEA-4344