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Today we had a blast fishing with Brian from Orlando and Marrylouz (Yep that’s how she spells her name) from Colombia.  We started out trolling and got lucky with some kingfish and a few bonitos.

Ok time for plan (B) So in came the trolling gear and down went one of our live bonito 230 feet to a ship wreck AKA a bad neighborhood!!  Once we hit the bottom Captain Mike reeled the live bait about 20 feet above the shipwreck and BAM the rod bent over and the fight was on.  After a good 15 min fight finally up popped this big Greater Amber Jack. (NICE)!!


Ok now plan for plan (C):

So now out came the kites to set out with some live baits suspended from them.  It started out slow waiting and waiting for the bite so we slid down a snapper rig to the bottom and hey we started catching snappers and triggerfish.  Yep that was great BUT all of a sudden a sailfish popped up under one of our kite baits and BAM we were Hooked Up again.  Brain wasted no time jumping in the chair and the back and forth tug a war began.  What a great sight this fish was dancing all over the surface and finally Brain wore him down and we finally got him to the boat for a few great pictures.


Brain had fished with us the day before and truth being told fishing was very very slow!! (RATS)  Brain thanks so much for giving us a second chance to show you what we really can do just so long as a few fish show up for the party.

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