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Fishing Fort Lauderdale before Isaias storm heads for Fort Lauderdale


Today we set out fishing with Moe and his father big Moe from South Florida.

We were hopping that the storm Isaias might cause the barometric pressure would be dropping and could get the fish biting.


Once again we started out trolling and yep once again the bonitos and black fin tunas were biting.

After catching a few black fins and a bunch of bonitos we switched to try some bottom fishing on top of some of our local wrecks.

And as the fish story goes yep the big ones got away.

But not all of them we ended reeling up and mutton snapper BUT it was a half an inch short (RATS) .

But while fishing the bottom our mate marc had a couple live pilchards out on top and we caught this nice 14 pound king fish and this real nice cero mackerel.

When we got back to the dock we had a blast fishing with an retired NFP football player who goes back to when you were allowed to hit the quarterback and not draw a flag when foot ball was a mans sport but uniformity the pay was not anything like today.

Ok no last names but we had Anton his wife Cailyn and their 2 sons Dakota and Braden.

Once again we started out trolling and yep once again the bonitos were biting like mad dogs. Than all of a sudden we got a bite and this fish was not fighting like a bonito.

Braden jumped on the rod and the fight was on.

After a good 6 to 7 min fight up popped this Crevalle jack.

Not what we were expecting by one hell of a fight.

Ok time to go for the big one.

In came the trolling gear and out went the shark baits.

It did not take long and BAM we were Hooked Up.

After a good 15 to 20 min back and forth tug a war up popped this lemon shark.

WOW have not seen one of these around for years.

Nice going guys and thanks a bunch for fishing with us aboard Hooked Up off the coast of South Florida.


Captain Taco (54) 764-4344