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Fishing For Sail Fish

Today we fished with Patrick from MO. Jordan from California, Luis and Ken from Ft Lauderdale and Terrie from Pompano.

We started out trolling and caught some kingfish with our planners running about 45 feet down.

Then we brought in the trolling gear and out with the kites with live baits suspended from them.

It took some waiting but then all of a sudden on our left long kite bait we seen this BIG sailfish all over the bait.

With in seconds BAM we were Hooked Up and Patrick jumped in the chair and the fight was on.

After a good 20 min back and forth tug a war Patrick got his first sailfish eve r to the boat.

We took a couple quick photos and back to the sea he went to fight again another day.

Thanks again to all of our anglers for fishing with us today aboard the Hooked Up.

Captain Taco (954) 764-4344