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Feb 18

Today we fished with Luke and Dan from Wisconsin.

Little history on these 2 guys they had fished with us a couple days ago and really had there heart set on catching a sailfish.

But a couple days ago it was raining and we could not keep our kits flying due to the rain.


So today they gave us another shot.

So we ran to the south and put out a couple kites with some live bait suspended from them along with a shark bait down on the bottom.


Ok so now the trap was set all we needed now was for a sailfish to swim by.

After a couple of min a sailfish swam up and turned out to be what we call a window shopper and never ate the bait and swam away.


But instead this nice smoker kingfish came skyrocketing out of the water on our right short bait and Bam we were Hooked Up!!

After a 10 min fight Captain Ian reached out and gaffed this nice Smoker and in the box he went.

After a few min of high fiving and hand shaking the baits were all set back out on the kites when BAM another bite but this time we had no idea what was on the other end.

After a 20 min fight and guessing what we had on we finally got a glimpse of the fish and as we were identifying this monster Jack carvel when all of a sudden 3 sharks showed up and had a little feast right in front of us leaving us with nothing but a head.

Ean thinking quick on his feet pulled this head in put a big hook on it and right back out went the head.

It only took a few seconds till we were connected to a nice bull shark.


15 min later we had this 6- foot bull shark at the boat.

After a couple photos we cut the leader as close to the hook as we could and off he went to fight again another day.

Then all of a sudden the shark bait that had on the bottom got a bite and again we were Hooked Up.

This time it turned out to be a nice amber jack.

Sorry no sails today guys looking forward to fishing with you guys again soon.

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