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Fishing Fort Lauderdale aboard Hooked Up

We’ve gotten through summer and fall is looking great so far.

With a little north current the bottom fishing has been great. The vermilion snappers along with a grouper here and there have made for some great dinners for our anglers.

Also some of our bigger barracudas have moved into our shallow wrecks and are a blast to fight on our light tackle.

Also this is one of the most exciting times of the year to fish for the showers.

What is fishing the showers you say well I’ll explain.

For some reason this time of the year we have found the sailfish and Mahia mahia seem to come in to real shallow water chasing the ballyhoo. This is a great way to really experience true sport fishing.

What we do is catch some live ballyhoo and look for the birds and for these ballyhoo to come to the surface and while these bigger fish are chasing them you can see them showering on the surface and we try to run into the direction they are going and cast these live ballyhoo into them.

It is very exciting and when it all comes together it is fast and furious A real adrenaline rush.

Not to mention we are fishing with spinning rods so once you get hooked up the fight is a blast with this light tackle.

Captain Taco