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Slow Day of fishing turns into GREAT Day of Fishing aboard Hooked up


Today was a pretty slow day of fishing off the coast of Ft Lauderdale I know because I was fishing on another boat while captain JB was running the Hooked Up.

While I was out there trying to find some fish along with a hand full of other boats Captain JB seemed to land fish after fish.


Like they say every dog has his day well today was a great day for Kim and Anthony out of Pompano Beach Florida.

First the landed a kingfish and a couple bonitos they the Hooked Up ventured into deeper waters and again we hear on the VHF radio the Hooked Up landed a black fin tuna and than again a big black Fin Tuna.

Fishing Ft Lauderdale TripsAnd than a big sailfish WOW way to go guys.

Congratulations Kim and Anthony and great job JB and Cheesey

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