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The Hooked Up started the day With Sophia and her family from Massachusetts. Capt Darin and Taylor decided they would skip the trolling this morning and run south a few miles to kite fishing because the conditions were perfect. The action started fairly quick with a couple of chopped baits from kingfish when we finally got a hook in one. After about a 10 minute fight the 20 pounder was in the boat. It wasn’t but 10 minutes later when Capt Darin saw a monster swimming on the surface just outside of our baits. It was a huge Great Grey Hammerhead, but this was no ordinary fish. She swam around every big dead bait we threw at it biting it just behind our hooks. This went on for about 45 minutes when we put part of the fresh kingfish we just caught out and she just couldn’t resist it. the battle lasted about 50 minutes before we landed, tagged and released the almost 9 foot trophy shark.













The afternoon trip with Rick from New York was just as exciting. They wanted to start off by trying to catch some edible fish first so we put out the trolling gear. Right away we were catching Blackfin Tunas with a few Skipjack Tunas and Bonitas mixed in. When we had enough for dinner we switched and went kite/shark fishing. As we were putting our bottom bait down it got a bite and we were hooked up. It only took about 15 minutes before we saw the Mako Shark swimming right to the boat. As we were trying to get it in the boat we had another bite on our top bait but this one was a golden Hammerhead. we fought the 6 foot shark for another 25 minutes before we also had it to the side of the boat. All in all it was a great day aboard the Hooked UP with three trophy size game sharks. Congratulations everyone on a successful day of fishing.