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Deep Sea Fishing with Kites

This morning when we showed up to the docks the winds had surprised us and picked up to about 12 to 15 knots out of the southeast and I knew our anglers today were looking for a calm day of fishing.

So as John, Joe, Mark and Lou all from New York showed up we were a bit worried about the seas.


So Captain Greg thought instead of trolling into the seas he would just hold the bow of the boat into the seas and fly a couple kites with live baits suspended from them.

This made for a much easier ride for every one.


As we headed out the guys all decided to stop at the bait boat and purchase a dozen live baits and go right to it.


And it paid off now I can tell you why BUT for some reason this week the Mahia Mahia have been around (Usually we catch them in spring and summer time) I’m not complaining glad to see them around.

And in the words of our anglers today John, Joe and Mark each caught nice ones and Lou caught what he called a BUZZ.

Thanks again to all of our anglers today and Thanks again to my Captain Greg and mate Alex for a job well done.


Captain Taco (954) 764-4344

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