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David catches big shark Than Roth tops it with a bigger one off Fort Lauderdale

Today we had a blast fishing with David, Mitchell and Charles from Denver Colorado.

We started out trolling on the reef with 2 planner boards running about 45 feet down and 3 baits skipping across the surface.

While trolling was not red hot we did manage to catch 2 kingfish, 1 black fin tuna and 1 big bonito.

Ok now that we had a few fish in the box we decided to send a big shark bait down deep.

After some waiting finally the deep shark rod bent over and we were Hooked Up.

David jumped in the chair and the fight was on. This was a good 25 min back and forth struggle but David hung in there and ended up with a big sand bar shark (close relative of the bull shark) Way to go David.

Than this after noon we set out fishing with Tim and Roth from Texas and while fishing started out slow we ended the trip with a big catch.

We started out trolling the reef and while trolling was slow today we did manage to catch 2 kingfish and 1 cero mackerel.

Ok since fishing was slow we thought if we are going to wait for a bite lets wait for a BIG BITE. So in came the trolling gear and out went the shark baits.

Soon enough the deep rod bent over and Roth jumped in the chair.

This was one mad fish because Roth would gain 2 inches and the fish would take 4 back and forth but at last Roth reeled in this Sand Bar Shark (close relative to the bull shark)

Guy’s thanks for hanging in there and once again thanks for fishing with us aboard the Hooked Up.

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