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Dad and sons have a great day Fishing Fort Lauderdale

Today it was not just that we had a banner day of fishing off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. It was that we had a banner day while fishing was slow. Little to no fish were caught by the other boats.

We fished with Brain and his sons Konnor and Garrett from Plantation Florida.

At first we trolled down the reef and caught a few kingfish and a box full of bonitos.

Than all of a sudden while Garrett was reeling in another bonito a big barracuda came right to the back of the boat and bit him in half.

Than our mate Paul thinking quick pulled in the bitten in half bonito and put a big trouble hook in him and right back out he went. This time when this monster barracuda came back for more he got more than he expected and BAM Garrett was Hooked Up.

Now that’s a BIG BARACUDA!!

Once everyone had caught fish we switched from trolling to kite fishing with live baits suspended from the kites.

Once the kites were set we got surprised when a nice cobia showed up and BAM just like that another fish in the box.

Ok went back to kite fishing when all of a sudden a sailfish popped up and the fight was on.

This was great to watch while Garrett and Konnor both took turns reeling in this big sailfish.

WOW what a great day of Deep Sea Fishing Off Fort Lauderdale and thanks again Brain you are a first class guy and it was a pleasure fishing with you Garrett and Konnor.

We are looking forward to fishing again soon.

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