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Sep 16Today we fished with Ted and his son Jeff along with their good friends from Sweden Marty, Jimmy and Sebe.

We started out trolling catching bonitos but good eating fish was what we were looking for.

So we headed off shore looking for some Mahia Mahia but what we got was a sailfish all over one of our baits and after 2 or 3 shots at hooking this sail I,m sorry to say he flipped us the fin and swam away#$^$&*^^% RATS.

Ok back to trolling when all of a sudden another sail and this time we got Hooked Up. And Jinny waisted no time jumping in the chair and the fight was on. After a few min we had the sailfish at the boat and after a few quick pictures we got the hook out and watched him swim away in good shape to fight again another day.

Ok no Mahia Mahia off shore so we came back in on the reef hoping to catch a few kingfish BUT once again we did not get what we expected and when we got a bite on our high line Marty jumped in the chair and into the box came this nice Wahoo.

Guys sorry all the pictures did not come out but heres one of the sailfish.

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