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Today we had a blast fishing with Brain and Danny from Minnesota.

We went right to trolling in about 400 feet of water around all these schools of small tuna hitting on these minnows and while we knew that these tunas had their eyes set on these minnows and nothing else we were looking for what might be feeding on these tunas.

So we set out 2 baits down deep and 3 baits skipping across the surface.

First fish turned out to be a small tuna.


But than one of our deep lines got hit and BAM a Mahi Mahi.

Ok things were looking up when all of a sudden another Mahi BUT while they were reeling it in I got a hit on my high line and this fish started peeling off line.

We were Hooked Up and soon enough this 30 pound Mahi was dancing all over the surface and now the real fight was on.

After a good 20 min tug a war we landed this big Mahi.

Guy’s thanks again for fishing with us aboard the Hooked Up.


Captain Taco tacohookedup@aol.com954-764-4344