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Catching fish even while fishing was slow

Today we started our day out fishing with John and Taylor from Kansas City.

We started out trolling the reef and catching a couple kingfish along with a bunch of bonitos.

Than we did some deep drops a caught a amber jack along with a snowy grouper.

As we got back to the dock we loaded up Cynthia and her husband (Did not get name) from West By God Virginia along with Tim from Texas.

This afternoon fishing got real slow for us. We started out trolling the reef but the reef was just shut down and it seemed nothing was biting.

So we switched to fishing the bottom and while it started out slow with no bites finally BAM we got a good bite and the fight was on.

Finally we put a big amber jack in the box.

Thanks again to our anglers today for A fishing with us aboard the Hooked Up and B for hanging in there while fishing was slow.

We will make it up to you guys next time!!

Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free @ (877) SEA-4344