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Catching Mahia Mahia off the coast of Fort Lauderdale


Today we set out fishing with Jake and his wife Rebecca from Dallas Texas.

The seas were flat calm and the temperature was a steamy 79 degrees.


After going over the boat with them I asked them what they were looking to catch?? Mahia Mahia was all I heard and not what I wanted to here. This was a Saturday morning and with the weather off the coast of fort Lauderdale being so nice I knew there would be a million boats out there looking for yep you guessed it Mahia Mahia.

So while I knew this was not what they wanted to hear but the truth was it was going to be tough to run off shore and be a hero or a zero and I really wanted to show them a great time on the water.


So when I heard Mahia Mahia I heard eating fish and I told them their was more then one way to skin a cat and maybe we could find some other good eating fish like maybe a grouper or some snappers and maybe a few black fin tunas.

Ok so the plan was set we start out trolling in 200 to 400 feet of water and see if we could catch some black fins.

So off we went with 2 planner boards running about 45 feet deep and 3 small baits skipping across the surface.


As we started it was 1 bonito after another and while fun to catch not so good to eat.

But than all of a sudden I found a weed line in close in 350 feet of water and bam a black fin jumped on the line and ok we were on the right track.


Now my mate Mark was giving me the look because I was running very close to this weed line and his baits kept getting hooked up in the weeds.

And than another black fin then one of our surface baits came out of the out rigger and we seen a Mahi Mahia jumping. With in minutes we had a Mahia Mahia in the box!!!


Things were looking up and Mark yelled up to me (Hey stay as close as you want to this weed line) Ha with in minutes we had another Mahia on.

At one point we had 3 on at the same time with only 2 anglers.

Jake and Rebecca you guys were a BLAST to fish with looking forward to out next trip soon.

We ended up wit a few black fin tunas 5 Mahia Mahia and a bunch of bonitos.

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