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Carrina from Michigan catches Hammerhead off Fort Lauderdale

Today we had Corrina from Michigan down visiting her friends Ashley, Audrey, Bill, Anthony and Susan all from South Florida.

Truth being told here fishing was slow. It seemed the kingfish and bonitos had shut down on the reef and the Mahi Mahi were nowhere to be found.

Ok time to go for BIG or BUST.

Out went the kites with live bait suspended from the kites and shark baits both suspended from the kites and down deep. All of a sudden BAM we were Hooked Up and Corrina jumped in the chair.

After a good 25 min and a little coaching Corrina had her first shark ever to the side of the boat.

Ok so we may not have caught a lot BUT every one had a ball and the fish we did catch was a big Hammerhead.

As we got back to the dock we had Christopher from Loxahatchee Florida ready to do a little shark fishing of his own.

Once again fishing was slow on the reef but once again back to shark fishing and Christopher also caught a big hammerhead shark.

I know we did not catch a lot of fish today but all the same we made the best of what the ocean had to offer and caught big sharks.

Thanks again to all of our anglers today for fishing with us aboard the Hooked Up off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

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