Hi, My name is Taco. I’ve been fishing the waters in South Florida since the mid 70’s in the canals and intercoastal waterways, for snook, tarpon, jacks and whatever I could get to bite my hook. When I got older, I bought myself a 25’ Open Fisherman and started fishing the waters off the Ft. Lauderdale coast. As time went on, I started asking some of the local fishermen questions about South Florida fishing techniques and different strategies for catching fish and was soon catching more and more. Before I knew it I had people asking me questions about sport fishing. In fact, I started taking more people fishing on my charter boat, at my expense. Then one day, my wife suggested I try to get a job on one of the South Florida Sport Fishing Charter Boats. Well, I got lucky and Captain Lindsey Forde gave me a break. At the time I thought he was a real demanding hardass. But, looking back on it now, he got me going in the right direction. Captain Forde is now a well-respected Captain in the South Florida community. After a couple of years with Captain Forde, I started getting more job offers. So off I went to fish the Bahamas Blue Marlin tournaments with Captain Paul Roadhouse. After a few fishing tournaments we hit the jackpot and won one of the Bahamas Bill Fish Tournaments, and I was hooked! So, I started traveling to St. Thomas, Turk and Cacaos, Mexico, Venezuela and all through the Bahamas. It was great and I was catching more and bigger fish than I ever imagined I would. But it was taking its toll on my marriage. I came back to the Ft. Lauderdale fishing charter docks and landed a great job on the Happy Day Today. This job kept me fishing about 400 to 450 half-day trips a year. Another advantage of this job was Captains Rick Brady and Tommy Zack. Captains Brady and Zack both did things differently and expected everyday be fished as though we were fishing a tournament. I learned a lot about bait presentation and keeping things organized and staying calm with multiple fish on line. They both fine-tuned me as both a mate and a captain. After 7 + years on the Happy Day Today, I knew the time had come for me to start my own fishing charter business in South Florida, and I am loving every minute of it. I have combined the experience of over 6 different captains I have the utmost respect for, and my knowledge and crazy personality to make my charter boat a huge success. So, you are invited to come aboard the Hooked Up, but be prepared for a lot of laughs and some great Ft. Lauderdale sport fishing! – Captain Taco Perez