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Trolling the Reef aboard Hooked Up BONITIO MADDNESS


Today we had 3 couple down from Illinois to get away from home for a few days and enjoy some of our great sunny South Florida weather.

We had Clayton and Lacey, Wade and Megan and Lane and Michelle.

They were looking forward to enjoying the day on the water and bending the rod and if we could get some good eating fish that would be a bonuses.


We started out catching some live baits witch every seemed to have a ball just catching them since the fish back home were about the same size as these.

Ok so it was time to try for something a bit bigger.

So we set out a couple rods deep on our planner boards and a few baits skipping across the surface.

Now usually I like to mention witch rods were working best but today it did not seem to matter we were getting covered up with 2 and some times 3 fish at a time.


THE BONITOS WERE CHEWING and everyone was having a blast not only reeling them in but they were all taking turns on the leaders witch 2 of the were about 60 feet long and the were hand lines them in.

Some how by the grace of god 2 black fin tunas managed to beat the bonitos to the bait so we did catch some sushi for dinner as well.

Guys thanks again you were fun to fish with enjoy the rest of your stay here in sunny south Florida.

Captain Taco (954) 764-4344