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Today Mike out of Fort Lauderdale chartered the Hooked up for his kids Luke and Emma witch happen to have birthdays just days apart.

He also invited his friend Joe along with Brayden and Trent all from Fort Lauderdale.

Luks only request was that he wanted to catch a fish on his new fishing pole.


We started out trolling the reef with a couple lines running deep on our planners and 3 baits skipping across the surface.


While trolling was not red hot we did manage to catch a few kingfish along with some small bonitos.

Ok time for plane B so in came the trolling gear and out went the live baits along with a big shark bait down deep on Yep you guessed it Luke’s new fishing pole.

And yep as luck would have it we got a BIG BITE and yep-on Luke’s pole.


After a good 30 min tug a war Luke finally this 6 foot plus shark to the boat.

Happy B Day to Emma and Luke and Mike you were a blast to fish with looking forward to our next fishing trip.

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